In the last years, everything has worked out really well for the Viennese Indie duo MY NAME IS MUSIC. They released three albums including, Revolution (2010), We Are Terrorists (2011) and Super Acceleration (2013) within only four years.

Throughout that time-period, MNIM singer and keyboarder, Phoebe Hall and multi-instrumentalist, Niki Altmann also managed to tour half of Europe and played in legendary clubs including, White Trash in Berlin, Hafenklang and Molotow in Hamburg, Palac Acropolis in Prague, A38 in Budapest and KC Dunaj in Bratislava. In their home country, MNIM filled clubs like ‘Flex’ and ‘Radiokulturhaus’ in Vienna, ‘Weekender’ in Innsbruck and ‘Arge’ in Salzburg.

MNIM were also welcomed acts at many festivals including, the Reeperbahn-Festival in Hamburg, Berlin Music Week, Nürnberg.Pop Club in Germany, Donauinselfest/FM4 stage in Vienna, and United Islands Festival in Prague.

On top of that, they have supported big names like The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, We Have Band, Belleruche, Shonen Knife, Anna Calvi, Ezra Furman and Haight-Ashbury.

International radio stations including Fritz in Berlin, Radio One in Prague, as well as South Korean Radio Arirang have played their songs; and the American radio legend, Sat Bisla, introduced MNIM in his cult show “Passport Approved”.
In May 2013, Austria’s youth channel FM4 nominated MNIM “Soundpark Bands of the Month” and two of their singles – “Black Summer” and “This is your life” – went top ten in the FM4 charts. Moreover, their videos are being played at MTV, VIVA and German Tape TV.

Most recently, in 2014, Niki Altmann injured his left foot during a concert in Salzburg. While Altmann has taken some time off to recover, an Akai MPC has been running the beats for MNIM. Little by little, they have accumulated more electronic equipment like a Moog synthesizer and a voice processor. The new sounds seem to be a sign of the beginning of a new era for the band.

Still, the band had been missing a new label that would fully support them in their 80´s synth-pop and modern electro endeavours. In 2015, the band found their perfect partner with Vienna Wildstyle Recordings.

The single “Tell it to the Stars” is the first herald of a new studio album, which will be released in 2016.